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One week before opening night 3. This is where the reader decides whether to continue or bin it, so it is important that it is engaging. To truly connect with an audience and have entertainment value in a show, the idea needs to be as fun to watch as it is to participate in. Ten adventures, five couples, five ultimatums, all leading to five moments of drama on Live TV. He then marches down the isle. This is your protectable asset. The humorous moments as the city-slickers struggle to tolerate the small town ways and mentality. For a docu-style series, remember that you are pitching to a specific world and the individuals inhabiting it in the place of a traditional story. Usually 1 to 5 pages in length. Reality shows have about hours of footage on each camera.

Aspiring business mavens must work together under the scrutinizing eye of Donald Trump. There are two types of concept to utilize when drawing up a reality show.

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While the framework or subject may be derived from other popular shows, your specific hook makes everything different. What is on the air right now that is comparable to the show you have in mind in one way or another?

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For others, a new beginning. Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County is a guilty-pleasure glimpse into the spoiled and faux-glamorous lives of a certain group of women in Orange County, California. How is yours different?

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Click below to register your TV series pitch for consideration by our Industry Members An Arc-Style concept refers to a long-term competition format, wherein the same set of contestants are pitted against one another and one person is voted off each week. You can also up your chances by entering contests, submitting your scripts to online submission sites and land yourself an agent or manager as they will be able to guide you through the tricky waters of how to pitch your reality show. A minute promo reel demonstrates your concept and your ability to execute the concept. There is no right way to form a TV pitch for the various reality-based and scripted genres in television. If you get to this stage, then kudos to you, your reality show is very likely to be on TV. Beyond being a "fish-out-of-water" concept, the show is built on casting "oil and water". What is on the air right now that is comparable to the show you have in mind in one way or another? The panic that ensues as the cast, choreography, and production are turned on its tail at the eleventh hour.

A reality TV show, by virtue of its manner has no pre-determined script or story; this is what sets it apart from other types of shows, and this is what gives it its lure.

If you know anyone in the industry, use those contacts. Usually 1 to 5 pages in length.

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How to Write a TV Show Proposal