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Focus on experience first. Step 1: Stop focusing so much on character count Google recently updated their character limitations. In reality, pixels play a role, since some letters take up more room than others. Firstly, Google has not confirmed anything publicly at all. But there are certain practices you can implement in your writing that will help you be more compelling and get more clicks. And even though it might be easy to miss, your meta descriptions are the frontline of that effort for organic search. One tactic we often suggest to improve CTR is to combine keywords with emotional triggers or calls to action to create eye catching meta descriptions. As long as you conduct robust keyword research and try to rank for words that are appropriate to your brand, adding them to your meta descriptions appropriately is just the next logical step. Rewrite the meta description completely to be better aligned to your content. Not only will this improve your SEO , it will also force you to condense the idea of the page into just a few words.

And, as I said, most of the time Google will use the meta description you provide [it wants to]. Talk to people about your business, formulate the description like you would an elevator pitch.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the art of writing meta descriptions. There are a few words of caution we want to give you when writing meta descriptions to improve your click through rate and potential engagement by the searcher.

So nailing your meta descriptions should still be a priority when optimizing the SEO for your site.

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Regardless, here are 15 tips to help you create some killer copy. We saw this on Twitter and actually had to laugh at loud! The other common scenario sees meta descriptions just bunged in as a lazy after thought.

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