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Distance makes the heart grow fonder; and spending a little time away from work gives you a chance to refresh, recharge, and miss it a little.

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The more you can cross off your list, the better you feel. Workaholics spend only strictly limited time with their spouses, parents and kids, as they work all their free time. A lot of people are busy. You feel a new kind of powerful being a working wo man.

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Some people use work to replace a possible void in their personal life. When loved ones complain, instead of hiding booze, you conceal your laptop under a car seat or slip out your cell phone in the middle of a social event.

How to stop being a workaholic

Some people manage to make things work. You work longer than your colleagues Workaholics are typically the first to arrive in the office and the last to leave, or they log in after hours and work into the night. The most dominant kind of hungry is money hungry. All in all it is apparently that workaholics do not spare their heart and nerve cells as though they do not want to live long and happy life. But the first and sometimes most difficult step, Robinson says, is simply recognizing the problem. In addition, workaholics tend to be less effective than other workers because they have difficulty working as part of a team, trouble delegating or entrusting co-workers, or organizational problems due to taking on too much work at once. Well, they seem to be the true workaholics. OK, so maybe you're good about vacations, but do you also leave time to take a break or two during the day? Subsequently all that causes a reduction of economic profit for companies and countries. I write about personal finance, business and careers.

He mentioned that his long hours at work quickly turned into an obsession. You, too, may be a full-fledged workaholic if you experience these symptoms. Giving your brain some down time is essential to increasing productivity.

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You can't keep it up forever. We sometimes become obsessed with achieving it either out of fear of failure or needing a gratification.

They will text you at in the morning until well after you've gone to bed, any day of the week.

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Why Being A Workaholic Is Awful For You AND Everyone Around You