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If you're a sole proprietor, your personal assetssuch as your house and car can be seized to pay the debts of your business; as a shareholder in a corporationyou can't be held responsible for the debts of the corporation unless you've given a personal guarantee.

North American customers are often reluctant to buy goods and services from foreign-based corporations. A CPA can help you to assess the tax and other implications of incorporating your business.

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Furthermore, personal bankruptcy of an owner or partner will directly impact a business by opening up its assets to any creditors the owner or partner is liable to. The catch is that if you sign a personal guarantee on a loan, then your personal assets are open to exposure even if you have an LLC or corporation.

If a corporation is transacting business and fails to register as a foreign corporation, it may lose access to that state's courts and face tax fines and penalties.

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Continue Reading Below The advantages of incorporating a small business include: No. More important, in some cases, operating as a corporation can create an additional tax burden.

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Directors have a fiduciary duty to the corporation to act in the corporation's best interest, not to their own best interest, among other legal duties. Investors will be granted shares in exchange for their investment. More importantly, unlike a partnership, incorporation prevents the ability of a minority shareholder from dissolving a business without cause. Any personal debt or liability of an owner or partner allows the creditor s to pursue the assets of the business whether or not the debt or liability has any relation to the business itself. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a corporation has an unlimited lifespan; the corporation will continue to exist even if the shareholders die or leave the business, or if the ownership of the business changes. Allows you to issue stock options. In these cases, the option to offer investors stock options or to purchase equity is critical. Optimizing Your Income and Taxes If you incorporate your small business, you can determine when and how you receive income from the business, a real tax advantage. An LLC is taxed at the same rate as a sole proprietorship while providing limited exposure to personal liability. Sometimes this psychological step of seeing the business as something real will further motivate and inspire you to bring greater success to your business. Note that simply transacting business via mail order or the Internet typically does not equal transacting business; however, the determination is made on a case-by-case basis. Of course, by issuing shares, you are reducing your percentage of ownership in the company.

A Canadian corporation is well-respected worldwide and is particularly well-suited to market goods and services in North America. These websites will handle incorporation on your behalf for a reasonable fee.

In these cases, the option to offer investors stock options or to purchase equity is critical. Consumers, vendors, and partners frequently prefer to do business with an incorporated company.

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For example, as a business owner, you would be responsible for additional record keeping requirements and administrative details.

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Learn How to Incorporate and Why to Incorporate