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But some of the best movies are like this: They show everyday life, carefully observed, and as we grow to know the people in the film, maybe we find out something about ourselves. Bonnie is self-conscious and hyper-aware of the effect she has on her family. Post navigation. Leonardo DiCaprio , who plays Arnie, the retarded kid brother, has been nominated for an Academy Award, and deserves it. Oral sex is nearly initiated by her as he's on the phone with her husband. When Gilbert finally decides to introduce Bonnie to Becky, we are able to see how much of an impact Becky has had on his life. Reference made to the hanging suicide of the family's father. His boss, who runs the local grocery store, is under threat from the big new supermarket on the edge of town, which has live lobsters in a tank - something the folks in Endora, Iowa Pop. We are not told why he hanged himself, but might wonder whether the stresses of coping with a child with autism contributed to this.

When Gilbert finally does, he surprisingly finds that it is merely to discuss his family's insurance plan. As a result, he often becomes hysterical and, at times, combative.

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And DiCaprio, as Bobby, somehow finds a way to be difficult and invaluable at the same time. Her death marks a new era in the lives of the Grape children. Director Lasse Hallstrom and his fine cast have endowed the story with a good deal of behavioral truth and beguilingly unstressed comedy that expresses an engagingly bemused view of life. She frequents Lamson's Grocery in order to seduce Gilbert, with whom she is having an affair. Reviewed at Paramount screening room, L. At home, Gilbert oversees his two younger sisters; the household runs according to rituals, and for some time the kitchen table, with dinner on it, has been brought to Momma Darlene Cates so that she won't have to go to it. During one of their meals together, Bobby makes a comment about how the people at the morgue often make fun of grotesque bodies. She soon develops individual relationships with Arnie and Gilbert, the latter a romance. Amy Grape Amy is Gilbert's older sister. Gilbert worries that in small town America, the community may not always be tolerant of those with neurological differences, and that unless he is watched closely, Arnie could be bullied or punished for acting differently. Her boredom and need to stir the pot lead her to facilitate a meeting between her husband and Gilbert, which merely results in the discussion of the Grapes' insurance plan. His birthday is a remarkable feat, and his family carefully plans his birthday party in order to celebrate.

Her dissociative behavior reaches its peak when she decides to stay inside during Arnie's birthday party. However, Arnie has difficulty understanding the effects of his behavior.

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Two key sequences, one in which the dangerously weakened floor under her sofa is repaired without her knowing it, and another in which she finally emerges from the house to demand that the police release Arnie, could have been meanly derisive or superficially ennobling.

Becky Becky arrives in Endora after the camper she is driving with her grandmother breaks down.

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Throughout the film, Arnie develops his own relationship with Becky. During the period narrated in the film, Arnie turns eighteen. This husband, overwhelmed and stressed-out, loses his temper on his kids, forcing them into their kiddie pool before he dies of a heart attack not shown.

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She often makes sarcastic and biting remarks to her family members, which indicates her frustration and her abandonment issues.

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