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FREEDOM makes a completely compelling case that by converting our dependence on oil to a literally home grown source of energy we achieve several goals. The EPA has routinely defended the move to expand its use of exemptions by saying it was legally required. Amid all the uncertainicities ,in commodities industries the winner are the latest entrants At the bottom of the cost curve wielding the newest, most efficient technologies.

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For this reason, start small so as to test how the biofuel market works. The film decimates those arguments in a series of interviews, graphics and explanations. However since there exist no such mandates in India oil companies have little incentive to undertake the necessary investments to achieve blending of biofuels with conventional fuels.

In just the same way, we require a marketing or information technology strategy it also requires a human resource or people strategy.

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If we add to this the natural motivation to do a good job-of-work for an appropriate reward, we can confidently anticipate improved productivity. The film decimates those arguments in a series of interviews, graphics and explanations. The Ministry of Energy developed an integrated national alternative energy master plan with an emphasis on three goals: energy security, a balanced economy to secure economic growth, and a decrease of the negative effects to the environment and the community. Little increase in the raw material, increases the cost of production hefty, so this is one of the major threat since major raw material needed is agricultural based, therefore unexpected rain ,natural calamities which can effect the supply of raw material can drastically affect the biodiesel prices. FREEDOM is about a journey the couple took that began with a wish to document the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform and its impacts on the Gulf Coast environment, economy and people. The cultivation of Jatropha Curcas is to be undertaken mostly on wastelands. Habitat conversion is already the leading cause of biodiversity loss worldwide, and limiting the enthusiastic cultivation of new crops to areas already converted is not an easy task. In just the same way, we require a marketing or information technology strategy it also requires a human resource or people strategy. While the national mission on biofuels was launched as far back as , there does not as on date exist a formal policy that has been passed into law relating to biofuels.

As the cloud and pour points for biodiesel are higher than those for petroleum diesel, the performance of biodiesel in cold conditions is markedly worse than that of petroleum diesel.

First, blending of biodiesel is yet to be mandated by law and the various missions are merely indicative of government preference.

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On the other hand if the existence of a guaranteed export market is adequate incentive then the premise of subsidizing the biodiesel industry for national energy security becomes untenable. This usually involves the importation of foreign i. On the demand side, the government anticipates balancing its compulsory production of biodiesel with domestic palm oil supplies.

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It can be defined as a fuel that is generated from simple biological processes like anaerobic respiration. Bio diesel contain only trace amount of sulfur, typically less than the new epa standard that will go into effect diesel fuel. If you own a car or a home, the court may order you to sell that property and turn the proceeds over to the bank. This spreadsheet is being constantly updated. This will grow to 36 billon gallons by It has to be transported by truck or rail, which increases the cost. Ethanol is cleaner burning. From the perspective of the formal group, norms generally fall into three categories-positive, negative, and neutral. Nevertheless, the promotion of biodiesel continues to be the basis of the national renewable energy master plan with its clear target to balance and stabilize the economic, social and environmental issues. These are not starry eyed liberals with unrealistic dreams. For your biofuel business to be a success, you definitely have to invest some time and resources in advertising. A great way to get the message out is with a website to attract online visitors. Reuters has previously reported that the small U. On the supply side, the government has targeted an oil palm acreage of 5.
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