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These factors might be grouped into demographic and socioeconomic factors such us age group, life cycle, gender and income; and structural communal factors such as the existence of non holidaymakers and capitalist tourism Sharpley, To understand tourist behavior, it is necessary to investigate the relationship between tourist motivation and behavior or the interrelations among motivation and other behavioral determinants As Boyer and Viallon discovered that it is not so many destinations which is integrally touristic but rather the language use creates them be touristic. The independent mass tourist uses similar facilities to the organised mass tourist but also wants to break away from the norm and visit other sights not covered on organised tours in the destination. Maslow explained how when the lower needs Physiological needs basic life needs- air, water, food, shelter, ambiance, sleep, sex , Safe practices needs safeguard, security, low, boundaries, stability, order , Owed and love family, love, relationships, work groups are achieved the individual would be encouraged by the needs of another two levels Esteem needs success, status, responsibility, reputation , Self-actualization needs personal growth and fulfilment. Meyer- Arendt, cited in Olafsdottir , explain that nature based tourism history has relatively short if we compare with other form of tourism example cultural tourism and traditional tourism. The criticisms of the above Whilst typologies do have some relevance to the understanding of tourism motivation, it is important to remember that generally an individually does not remain under the same tourist typology their entire life and nor do their tourism motivations remain the same throughout their lifecycle. An analysis of past studies of Chinese outbound tourist from the past six years sets up a framework of Chinese outbound tourist motivations and their resultant activities. Dark Tourism Essay words - 8 pages chose? What are the different types of tourism? Slavery-Heritage Tourism 7 4. Allocentrics are tourists who seek adventure on their holidays and are prepared to take risks. What theories of motivation underlie the switch to the new, computerized scheduling system? It drives individuals to get solitude, unwind, break and seek out peaceful conditions to avoid sociable contacts. What are the main travel purposes in contemporary tourism?

Allocentrics are tourists who seek adventure on their holidays and are prepared to take risks. When presented with a tourist typology it is possible to deduce a range of possible motivations that person has which caused them to be categorised into that typology.

A problem about the safety of others might indicate placing yourself in danger to help others from threat. Custom term papers on tours would also be interested in the economic significance of tourism to different players.

Sharpley stated "the motivation to satisfy needs, combined with personal preference pushes the tourist into considering alternative products; the final choice depends on the pull or alternative holidays or destinations".

They are really curiosity, athletics, health, natural resources, man made facilities, visiting friends and family, business, religion, self esteem and physical inactivity such as simply sunbathing and soothing. What are the criteria used to define a tourist?

Slavery-Heritage Tourism 7 4. Motivation factors vary from person to person. There are many reasons as to why people might visit different locations. As some may influentially tell the Travel Profession Ladder, others may stay at a specific level, typically depending on opportunities and other limitations such as health insurance and financial situations.

A holiday motivation can be an ever before changing process and moving up the ladder while progressing through the many life-cycle changes.

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