The war on tobacco essay

There is strong evidence that tobacco tax increases, the dissemination of information about the health risks from tobacco and increased access to cessation therapies are effective in reducing tobacco use. The company that has settled out of the big lawsuits recently.

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E-mail: ni. Dramatic price hikes and extreme taxes on cigarettes are threatening to create a stampede of tax evasion, black-market transactions, counterfeiting, and even use of lethal violence against convenience store clerks and truck drivers.

Tobacco has played a role in global economic ties since the discovery of the Americas. About 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States is tobacco related and an additional 16 million people are currently suffering with a serious illness or disease due to smoking.

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Tobacco was believed to be a cure-all, and was used to dress wounds, as well as a pain killer. The rest of this essay provides facts and analysis in support of each of these arguments. The immediate goal of this discussion is to provide education on these risks, and to show reasons why tobacco should be banned from production, and to hopefully show how Background.

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The History of Tobacco