The petrified forest of lesvos

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Osmunda regalis L. Do not miss it for any reason! The Petrified Forest of Lesvos gives us considerable information regarding the composition and character of the paleoflora and climatic conditions of the distant past.

This was a revolutionary idea at the time. The presence of Rhododendron galleries dominated by Rhododendron luteum Sweet as dominant species is considered very important for both Greece and Europe.

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The fossilized flora of the Petrified Forest includes large numbers of conifer and angiosperm fruit-bearing plants, with a smaller showing of pteridophytes. Trees in the petrified forest of Lesvos reach circumferences of 15 meters. Hence, the trunks, branches, fruits and leaves of the trees in the forest were almost instantaneously covered. Among the finds are large numbers of leaves and fruits. This was a revolutionary idea at the time. It flourished in the Aegis region during the Burdigalian Period, in the Lower Miocene, approximately The expropriation of two regions of acres at Bali Alonia and Hamandroula , containing a large number of fossilized trunks, occurred in by decision of the Minister of Agriculture. In ancient times the Lesvos area has had many active volcanoes and the creation of this monument is related to their activity.

The island is fertile with a vast range of vegetation that includes silver olives, dark green pines, grey green oaks and unique wild flowers. The Museum building, a one-story structure of grey lava stone, contains permanent exhibition galleries, a temporary exhibition space, an audiovisual multimedia gallery, lobby, snack bar, shop, library, and laboratories.

Layers of volcanic ash revealed lying and standing fossilized trees, branches, roots, seeds and leaves as well as fossilized animal teeth. Its mission is the research, promotion, display, preservation, protection, and all other suitable exploitation of this unique forest.

In addition, the nearby Plaka Geopark contains a great number of standing petrified tree trunks and unique fossilised leaves. Most of the fossilized trunks are still standing in their original location.

Hence, this is an autochthonous petrified forest. Anthemis cretica ssp.

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Petrified Forest of Lesvos