The miser

Begone, I say, and do not provoke me to anger. Now, Master Jacques, you must clean my carriage. Well, Master Jacques, your frankness is badly rewarded, I fear. Project Gutenberg believes the Court has no jurisdiction over the matter, but until the issue is resolved, it will comply. Is there any need to ask?

Tell him, please, that we are here.

The miser characters

What do you mean by a stick? Alfred Bates. Would you call it wonderful to provide good cheer with plenty of money? And if it does not please me to go gently? Master Jacques Master Jacques is cook and coachman to Harpagon. It is to this that young men are reduced by the accursed avarice of their fathers; and people are astonished after that, that sons long for their death. The respectful visits he has paid at our house have left, I confess, a great impression on my heart.

Are you not ashamed, tell me, to descend to these wild excesses, to rush headlong into frightful expenses, and disgracefully to dissipate the wealth which your parents have amassed with so much toil. This is no small matter, and may well amount to three thousand francs yearly.

The respectful visits he has paid at our house have left, I confess, a great impression on my heart. All useless here.

The miser 1668

Here, come here, all of you; I must give you orders for by and by, and arrange what each one will have to do. Know, Master Jacques, you and people like you, that a table overloaded with eatables is a real cut-throat; that, to be the true friends of those we invite, frugality should reign throughout the repast we give, and that according to the saying of one of the ancients, "We must eat to live, and not live to eat. I can bear it no longer. Gently, gently. Oh, how badly you judge her! And what news of our affair? No; but we have had many conversations about you. This is the gentleman who wants to borrow the fifteen thousand francs of which I have spoken to you. But you make them keep such rigid fasts that they are nothing but phantoms, ideas, and mere shadows of horses. You marry him with the express understanding that he will soon leave you a widow; it must be one of the articles of the marriage contract. Go and read a little the precepts of health, and ask the doctors if there is anything so hurtful to man as excess in eating.

One says that you have special almanacks printed, where you double the ember days and vigils, so that you may profit by the fasts to which you bind all your house; another, that you always have a ready-made quarrel for your servants at Christmas time or when they leave you, so that you may give them nothing.

Do so. Receive her coldly! Act II Cleante expresses his frustration that he and his father are rivals in love with the same woman but plans to keep his own sentiments secret while he tries to secure funds to help Mariane and her mother.

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He shows no other emotion than greed.

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The Miser: a Study Guide for the Molière Play