The differing views between adeimantus and socrates on whether or not city people are happy

Moreover, it would seem to require that the rational attitudes which endorse ruling be ruling, which would in turn require that the rational attitudes are at least on the path toward determining what really is good for the person.

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This is the case since the most suited people for the job will be performing it c. Concerning the triangle, I would say that being a triangle is a structural prop- erty of the three lines, which is not identical with any properties of the lines, indi- vidually considered.

Term Plato: What is Socrates' theory of the origin of the state?

platos definition of justice

Laws c—b. The critics claim that communism is either undesirable or impossible. This is supposed to establish a distinction between appetite and reason.

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True, he said.

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Plato: The Republic, Book IV { Philosophy Index }