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Newton was the oldest son, born in A new, more settled life seemed to await Earp.

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Newton was a son by their father's deceased first wife - Abigail Storm. One of his jobs was with the Union Pacific Railroad. He officiated a match in Cheyenne Wyoming on July 4, He didn't like to tell the gunfight story. In those environments, he gathered abilities that served him later. It was Urilla's due date, 9 months after their marriage. Though Lake met with Earp himself near the end of his life, he later admitted that many of the quotations attributed to the frontiersman were invented, and the biography today is accepted as largely fictional. Ike Clanton went on a rampage, orchestrating the shooting of Virgil Earp, severely wounding his left arm, and the assassination of Morgan Earp. Amazon When Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was dying of prostate cancer in Southern California in the winter of , he mustered up just enough strength to write to his biographer, Stuart Lake, to clarify an urgent request about his memoirs: I would not want the manuscript to be seen nor examined by any person other than yourself until it is absolutely complete—that would not be fair to me—there may be changes or corrections that I would want to make, and nobody should know its contents until I have read it over thoroughly. Holliday traveled in Texas and Colorado for the next several years.

Earp was the last surviving participant of the OK Corral shootout. The story of a gunfighter and frontiersman elevated to near-biblical heights inspired Wyatt to recount his own story, changing facts and embellishing details along the way.

Advertisement The cowboys, who had been waylaying stagecoaches, rustling and generally wreaking havoc, got revenge two months later by ambushing Virgil, badly wounding him.

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He arrived just when a bunch of Texas cowboys had the lawman in a tight spot in the Long Branch Saloon. Though wanting to follow the example of three older brothers, Wyatt was unable to join the Union Army during the Civil War—he was too young, and he was needed on the family farm. Newton, James and Virgil joined the Union Army. Still, the Earp-as-knight crowd prevails. On the other side, Billy Clanton and the McLaurys were killed. What was he like? The friendship continued between Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Marshal, gunfighter, gambler, inveterate conman and liar, the Wyatt Earp of legend is a carefully crafted and curated persona. But the kind of recognition he craved came only after his passing on January 13, , at his Los Angeles home. He was arrested for murder after the gunfight at OK Corral. More on that to come! They planned to open a gambling house. In the cemetery, large stones mark most of the burial places.

It helped him much later in life when he became a professional gambler. TV shows and scores of movies have been made about him, sometimes more than one in the same year.

Working on teeth along the way, drinking continually, and gam bling, he became very proficient with a pair of pistols. The court couldn't find him. In the family moved to Iowa and began farming. Virgil talked up the mining town opportunities there.

Wyatt's father presided over the ceremony.

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One expressed that outlaws should now be on guard and stay away. Earp died at his home in Los Angeles, possibly of chronic cystitis, on January 13,at age

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Dodge City, Tombstone, the OK Corral and 'Wyatt Earp: A Vigilante Life'