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Results Policy assessment: Results of the policy assessment were diverse across nations and policy sectors. The paper should conclude with a recommended course of action for policy makers.

The model has also been applied to other contexts [ 2425 ] and is regarded as a relevant tool for describing the influence of research on health policy-making [ 26 ].

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Tip Consider a wide range of policy options before settling on a number of policy options to discuss and analyze. Both assume a certain degree of rationality and predictability of actions, and both allow for actors to be either individual or collective.

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Difficulties of scientific engagement in processes of policy development may be rooted partly in the perception that research utilization and policy development by policy-makers are linear processes. There are also certain links with the "Multiple Stream" MS approach [ 3132 ].

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Theoretical model The conceptual framework of this study was developed and tested in a six-nation project that transferred von Wright's [ 20 ] individualistic action theory to health policy analysis [ 21 - 23 ]. For the present study, a short item version of the original questionnaire, based on results of dimension reduction analysis [ 35 ], was utilized.

From this point of view, policy analysis does not only include the investigation of documents and processes but also the assessment of capacities and resources for policy-making measured via the above-mentioned determinants.

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In particular, researchers attempted to stimulate discussions on determinants that had been rated less favorably in the policy assessment across the different organizations within one nation. A list of guiding questions and topics worth investigating was prepared for each national workshop. Your research on the issue and past policy actions will help you identify policy proposals and create new approaches for addressing the identified problem. Empirical analysis and application has shown that the model actually works. Discuss how each alternative would meet the criteria for issue resolution identified in your introduction. Within such thinking, policy-making evolves from 1 evidence generated by scientists via 2 knowledge brokering to policy-makers to 3 action taken by policy-makers based on the evidence presented [ 4 ]. As illustrated in the present paper, it already can be used as framework for 1 data collection, 2 cross-national data analysis and, 3 policy development. Although various attempts have been made to improve their practical applicability, they do not lend themselves easily to being used for policy development. Utilization of policy assessment data for policy development Policy assessment questions and data were utilized to prepare national level workshops intended to increase the policy output and outcome for the promotion of physical activity among older people.
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