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Therefore, the portfolio-based assessment serves as a way to keep track of student progress not only each year, but year to year throughout their public school career.

Portfolio based assessment

Using a course by arrangement form and separate CRN assigned by the registrar , the instructor of that section will switch the student to an individual Writing course during the first week. Students whose portfolios receive a passing score but who have not completed all coursework may receive an Unsatisfactory. Are we as citizens of the United States preparing our students solely for a test that determines our futures and in return insuring our ultimate downfall as a nation? An Unsatisfactory in the Writing course will result in a U for both terms. What if that student is an excellent artist? Correctness: The portfolio should demonstrate consistent editing for mechanics and grammar. Students whose portfolios do not pass or who fail to submit a portfolio will receive an Unsatisfactory.

Teachers question why they should have to assess students work if a standardized test can do the same thing in one single day. Current Implementation Challenges The most prominent challenge to fully implementing portfolio-based assessments is that of standardized testing.

What if that student is a great speaker? Instructors reserve the right to refuse to submit the portfolio to the assessors if the portfolio is incomplete or if the student has failed to meet other course requirements.

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If a student is unable to read by a certain age they are deemed "lower-level" and therefore, possibly required to repeat a grade level or become tracked on the "lower-level track.

What if that student is an excellent artist?

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Therefore, schools and teachers must implement an assessment which is authentic and performance-based in relevance to the students' lives, as well as national standards.

Assessment A. An important part of UBD are essential questions in the classroom, EQs could be used in portfolios as a means of separating student work by sections.

This policy was instituted in This way, the student will not be repeating Writingand the Writing section in which the student participates will not be overenrolled.

Portfolio Assessment Toward the end of the term, students will submit to their instructors a complete portfolio for formal assessment. If the portfolio is never assessed there is no point to collecting the student work, except as a means to show student participation.

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For example, a student create a video using various angles to represent emotion of the characters, however if the teacher is not trained to notice the use of camera angles, they may not fully understand the depth and grasp of concepts on the student's part. According to Linda Darling-Hammond, "the tests generally do not reflect the actual tasks educators and citizens expect students to be able to perform, nor do they stimulate forms of instruction that are closely connected to development of performance abilities" Although, tracking is not a best practice, it is a very widely implemented practice therefore it is something we as teachers need to make the best light of and using PBAs as a way to determine tracking is the solution to the problem. This way, the student will not be repeating Writing , and the Writing section in which the student participates will not be overenrolled. Statement on Academic Misconduct: Eastern Oregon University places a high value upon the integrity of its student scholars. In one school, the teacher collected all student work in a folder which was subsequently sent home with the student at the end of the year, however this collection of work was never assessed. It is up to every teacher in every school to combat testing in their own way, and this is my way.

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Portfolio Based Assessment