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Today, the Internet has lots of information about the specialty and potential clients. AMWA, for example, offers a journal, web-based resources, webinars, online courses, and more to help you learn about the field, along with an annual conference packed with workshops and sessions.

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It was a shock to learn—at my first annual conference of the American Medical Writers Association AMWA —that there was another type of medical writer: people with scientific or medical degrees who learn how to write. As a significant field that offers useful information you can find challenging and important jobs through clients that can appreciate your writing skills.

So, to improve your success of breaking through the slush pile of freelance CVs, come to editors with strong pitches.

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Who Can I Hire? Reasonable remuneration We know that good writers, editors and proofreaders do not work for peanuts. You can work that will keep you busy, help you earn more money, and increase personal potential as a writer.

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