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Exposed position behind the main bay contains superstructures, masts, funnels and other ship equipment which cannot be located under the roof of the main bay.

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Detailed approach information should include: the shipowners and charterer's name; precise time of arrival at the port's pilotage station; ship's draft and cargo plan if the ship is loaded ; full information about availability of cargo documents; fuel, water and other supplies' requirements. The city territorial community is an owner of the integral property heat-and-power engineering complex. The shipmaster or agent must inform Nikolaev port's authorities of ETA 10 days prior to arrival and follow up with exact information 72, 24 and 4 hours prior to the arrival. It is m wide and Pipework production Fabricates and mounts systems and items of steel, copper, copper-nickel, bimetal, stainless steel and other pipes. The material was prepared by Delo. It is possible to mount and assemble sections of up to tons weight on a heavy-duty near-slipway slab.

The building comprises the main bay and two adjoining transverse buildings consisting of seven and four separately located transverse bays. Performs outfitting and equipment of vessels under construction and repair on slipways and afloat alongside the building berths.

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The aggregate annual painted surface with regard to painting of vessels on slipways and building berths comes to about — sq. Gas , water, and heat supply Gas supply. Roadway covering There are streets in the city. The main direction of scientific and technical activity of Mykolaiv National State University named after V. The tug service can be rendered at shipmaster's or his agent's request dispatched to the tugs owner, which is allowed to work in port's water area accordingly to the agreement made with the port. Tug Assistance Tug assistance is compulsory for ships of more than m in length while passing port's water area. In , power in the town changed several times. Shipbuilding became the main industry of the town. It was founded in as a teacher's institute. By the end of 19th century the Mykolaiv port foreign trade turnover grew to make it the third biggest after Petersburg and Odessa, and the biggest in the country by exporting grains that were supplied from the steppe regions. Due to these citizens of Mykolaiv our country and city names are written in dozens of languages, sound for many people of all nations. The amount of unemployed persons in the city by the end of December has made up persons. There are three building berths in the workshop.

Butina meeting in with Jim Porter, then president of the N. Inthe Nikolaev Art Museum named after V.

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Nikolaev has great transport potential, due to the availability of sea ports and terminals, a handy railway junction, two airports. The material was prepared by Delo.

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Transportation of semi-products and parts between production sites is done by means of roller beds and crane equipment of tons lifting capacity.

Vessels should pass each other port to port. Mazut is used as a standby fuel. Mykolaiv Branch of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts is a modern university, which takes the leading position in the educational services among universities of social and cultural sphere; it has its own unique appearance, impeccable reputation, good traditions and artistic achievements.

In the warm period the winds' direction is marked by twenty four hour circulation, which makes for stable wind breezes, i.

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