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Since the start of our operations inthey believe that a special relationship is formed with each new connection — a time-nurtured attachment that deepens with every call you make and receive. As a result, people face problem during those times.

Grameenphone Ltd. GP offers GP national for all kinds of customers. So, GP losing it for its high call rate.

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That ensures the network coverage throughout the country. Grameenphone have the widest network coverage in the country. JULY Simultaneously our company will let people know that we are coming with something new. The ticket will have 2 pages to describe all these things. The organization has also planned to control its marketing tactics with the passage of time. Six new switches were added to the network to further expand its capacity. At the end of the year 23 network was made able to carry per cent more traffic compared to beginning of the year. Psychographic 3. But if we talk about other mobile service providers then they have strong competition with Banglalink, which is the local company for Egyptian owned Orascom telecom. Demographic factors like age, sex, income etc. Money transferring facility Segment 3 1. Save time and personalize message through a voice SMS. Service Strategy Grameenphone 3g, including all the features described in the service review section, will be sold with a 3 month discount plan after activation by the consumer.

This helps anyone to get the target market or reach its org. But it will be reduced later on once the market has expanded. GP is the first to identify and serve this segment in Bangladesh.

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GrameenPhone has already signed up with a number of companies to provide life-style benefits co the djuice users. Grameenphone serves different types of products and services depending on the categorization of its customer. Most of the competitor offer low rates but negotiate with the quality services. Demographic segmentation divides the market into group based on variable such as age, gender, family size, lifecycle, income etc. As they step into third year of providing innovative communication solutions, Business Solutions aims to provide enhanced priority services. Thus came in djuice the brand especially tailored to meet the needs and desires of young people. It will help to build up a strong relationship and will ensure to provide better facility to the targeted customers. Almost half the total number of employees of GrameenPhone Ltd.

But all are concentrated on urban or metropolitan centric young people. Special efforts are being taken to constantly monitor and ensure network quality in the urban areas. We have made the pricing strategy of roaming according to the current requirements GP is providing.

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After a successful reload, you will receive instant confirmation on your mobile handset through SMS. It is the most important thing because the existing employees are not trained for 3G service.

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They prefer products that resemble uniqueness, so they are getting interested about SIM card services that are fully designed and created according to their need. Market-Driven program development Strategic brand management GP are one of the pioneer telecommunication company in Bangladesh.

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Market Segmentation and Product Development of Grameen Phone by lawjuris