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Just like Jesus at the start of his ministry, we are baptised at the start of our mission in life. His life, his teachings, prayer and devotion to him must be the motivating factor within the Christian. The five men were all fishermen except one who was a tax collector their names were Simon, Andrew, James, John and Levi.

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They do not have enough time to spare, to think about God. It was also much more difficult at that time, as Jesus originally was Jewish and now he was using beliefs and principles from Judaism and changing them to create this new faith. Mark's Gospel and the Nature of Discipleship The word 'disciple' is used to describe the very first followers of Jesus. Discipleship could be defined as the final stage of the path of evolution, and as that period in a man's experience in which he is definitely self-conscious. In the time of Jesus when men wanted to learn about the scriptures and the laws they would go to a Rabbi or a Jewish teacher of the law. Religion is seen as being outdated by many people. All of the churches discipleship efforts should strive to build and foster authentic relationships. Thusly, evangelism is more so a term that is engulfed over the magnitude of discipleship, as coming to know God is to follow him. There are people who are trying to spread the word of God. Just like Jesus at the start of his ministry, we are baptised at the start of our mission in life. It comes from the Latin word ' disciplus' that means learner. Disciples were taught to care for one another and always put others before themselves; this is reflected in Christians today.

We as Christians must follow his life style and show in our actions we are willing to care and share, just as Jesus did. Perhaps faith is like a painting — a painting which we create afresh at each stage of our life, a painting which moves from the bright simplicity of childhood, through the clarity of an adult landscape and eventually to the open-edged impressionism of maturity.

A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ. In terms of the Christian community it marks the transition of a person from being outside of this community to becoming a fully initiated member. So we know a disciple is a follower of someone. In actual fact, the Old Testament word 'Talmid' is a 'learner', and more obviously in the New Testament, a 'Diskipolos' is a 'follower'. I intend on answering this question by examining these five examples. He would have been risking his life. Therefore preaching would have to be passed by word of mouth and this can change concepts. These Christians haven't understood the commitment involved. The reader's digest oxford edition defines it as 'A follower or pupil of a leader, teacher, philosophy. For most denominations it also has significance as a statement of a person's beliefs in the Christian tradition and is an integral part of our salvation and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The given dictionary definition is ' a person who believes in and helps another's teachings, a follower '. The word disciple is derived from the Latin-discipulus, meaning pupil or learner. You have to have willingness to answer the call, faith in Jesus, perseverance to not give up carrying out the will of Jesus, courage to be willing to suffer for the sake of the gospel, piety and reverence to have respect for yourself and others

It is said that the word disciple means someone who follows a holy person. We believe that missions is more about discipleship than evangelism, although both are critically important. Discipleship is about obedience and intentionally walking with Jesus through the everyday stuff of life.

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Through this we learn that love is supposed to be the greatest commandment and that we should try and love and treat each other with respect that is deserved Also, the first disciples were not fully understood and were rejected.

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How to Be a Disciple of Christ