Legacy of luna

Legacy of luna

Written with extreme honesty, Hill's story is a great American tale, putting her in a class with major American activists who have put themselves at risk to move the nation to action. Her purple-prose epiphanies, mushy New Age ruminations and anthropomorphizing of the tree blunt her story's impact, and her gosh-oh-gee professed reluctance to become a public figure smacks of disingenuousness.

Hill took photos and videos to document the time she spent in the tree, and there are images in Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods that depict the gassing and burning of the California Redwoods.

It was her emotional and spiritual world, however, that was shaken to its foundations.

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I am only partially kidding. Shelves: collegehave-ownnon-fictionbiographies-auto-biographieseventshistoryhardbackmy-ownbook-listsigned-by-authormemories I met this woman after I listened to her speak at my college.

As a spokeswoman for the trees, she found she faced the most difficult decisions of her young life.

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As an act of course, the Pacific Lumber company, with the consent of the United States government, would douse the lands with napalm and diesel fuel to prevent the forests from regenerating.

Her physical time spent up in the tree was tougher than most people could ever face. I love to be inspired, and I think the message of this book is a great one.

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A platform which was barely big enough to sleep one comfortably at times would accommodate three including their supplies. Over time she develops a certain rapport with John Campbell, Pacific Lumber's president, reaching a tentative agreement that would protect Luna and its surrounding grove, but Hill ends her story with the deal still up in the air and herself still up in the tree. The author dealt with each day-to-day living item as it came up: cooking, keeping warm in the frigid year of El Nino, loggers harassing her day and night for months, and finding methods for collecting water to cook, drink, and the extremely rare hair-washing. I am not sure if those not already committed to such fights will be interested in this story but perhaps the story of Luna and its savior, Julia Butterfly Hill all activists give themselves names to protect their identities Hill chose "Butterfly" , which is a very inspiring one, will encourage other brave women and men to take control and do something about a major national treasure, the great Redwood forests. Believing that one person could make a difference, Julia climbed the tree with the support of an organization Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a redwood tree called "Luna" for days to draw attention to the dangers of deforestation, and to save the old growth forest near Stafford, California. Shenever expected to be honored as one of Good Housekeeping's "Most Admired Women of " and George magazine's "20 Most Interesting Women in Politics," to be featured in People magazine's "25 Most Intriguing People of the Year" issue, or to receive hundreds of letters weekly from young people around the world. Hill reaches an agreement with Pacific Lumber Company to preserve Luna and a foot buffer zone in perpetuity and then climbs down out of the tree. She began simply yearning to take a quick walk into the Headwaters Redwood forest and ended up fighting for a cause that at the beginning she knew very little about. Zeebra Books In December , Hill who calls herself Julia Butterfly , 23, climbed feet up a redwood tree she dubbed Luna to protest the logging of northern California's ancient redwood forests. Believing that one person could make a difference, Julia climbed the tree with the support of an organization called Earth First! During her trials in Luna she continually called on the creation that surrounded her to empower not only herself but all the players involved in the tree-sit to be guided by right-minded action tempered with love.
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The Legacy of Luna