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It's a good example of a film that started out in the independent cinemas and then spread to the mainstream cinemas. As a child, Albert, or Bertie as his family called him, the shy, sickly second son of King George V Michael Gambon, memorably severe and regalhad a stutter debilitating enough that as an adult he felt compelled to conquer it.

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He was to have fits of anger and alleged acts of domestic violence. This does not worry me any more.

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To that generally diverting end, Albert barks and brays and raps out a calculatingly cute string of expletives, including the four-letter kind that presumably earned this cross-demographically friendly film its R.

The nation and its various dependencies had still not recovered from the ravages of World War or the Great Depression. Bertie ascended to the throne at the end of Filler makes the larger point that both the King and his wife were, in reality, lukewarm towards Churchill because of the latter's support for his brother during the abdication crisis.

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By the time the credits roll, Bertie has conquered his stammer, and the British people are well on their way to vanquishing fascism—the latter, naturally, having been aided by the former, thanks to an inspiring royal address from Buckingham Palace after the German invasion of Poland. In a smart, well-made film "would the true story not have been fractionally more interesting for the audience? This was into the case, but for many years Logue continued to coach the king so that he could speak in public. Logue continued to coach the king for many years until about But it also presented the Princess Diana phenomenon with a complete lack of distance. I think this is more successful than Slumdog Millionaire and a more uplifting film. Written by David Seidler and directed by Tom Hooper, The King's Speech is a richly enjoyable, instantly absorbing true-life drama about the morganatic bromance between introverted stammerer King George VI and his exuberant Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue: an affair brokered by George's shrewd wife in her pre-Queen-Mum incarnations as the Duchess of York, and then Queen Elizabeth. It shows how Logue helped the king to overcome a crippling stammer and how this helped him to lead his country during World War II. The historical background King George VI c. Critics have widely praised the editing, cinematography, directing and acting and the movie was able to express the inner life of the main characters by the clever use of lighting and other cinematic techniques. Following Hooper's criticism, the board lowered the rating to "12A", allowing children under 12 years of age to see the film if they are accompanied by an adult. This is not correct, but the Australian did provide the king with notes, on things where he should pause and breathe, and these were a real help in what was the most important speech the monarch ever made.

This movie also captures the real sense of anxiety in Britain in the s and it broadly captures the historical context of the Coronation of George VI. In this version, Chamberlain hardly features at all — we appear to pass directly from Stanley Baldwin's resignation to the sudden appearance of First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, jowl-quiveringly, sinew-stiffeningly played by Timothy Spall — always giving advice and apparently permitted to wield a lit cigar in the sovereign's presence.

The period drama is also on its way to financial success.

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