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A better and stronger way of saying it is "Reading Milton Friedman's book on XYZ opened my eyes to some economics topics, and sparked my interest in the subject".

If the guiding questions are more general, and asking you to focus on some ideas that have intrigued you, think about what books or articles you have read that really impressed you, impacted you, motivated you, or affected you.

Repeat and practise again! If you find yourself not drawing any economics diagrams, there must be something wrong Tips of Diagram Drawing to be covered below!

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Do not write "I am interested in economics". You need to comprehend the requirements of the question carefully by identifying the command words before you approach the question!

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The first sentence is a pure listing - where is the meaning and significance? A simple misunderstanding of a command word fiscal vs macro is fatal.

2017 a level econs answer

Some students told me that they were told to use big words and fancy phrases. Edit, edit, and edit again. Market Structures This chapter teaches students to identify the four main types of market structures that firms belongs to. Have you ensured that there is consistency in the terms used? It is essential that students are able to contextualise their essays based on the requirements of each essay question. Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply Evidently, the concepts of price elasticity of Demand and Supply are related to the preceding chapter but focuses on deepening the analysis of demand and supply. Try applying memorised answer of a on b vice-versa and I assure you this is the surest way to fail!

Even though I spent a lot of time starting up that new committee, I also played football and eventually rose through the ranks to become VP of the XYZ sporting team, which won three gold medals under my leadership.

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