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Operationally the two companies were effectively integrated under a common management structure within Ford's PAG.

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A combination of poor decision making by the board along with the financial difficulties of, especially, the Austin-Morris division previously BMC led to the Ryder Report and to effective nationalisation in Cars shareholders in general meeting agreed to change the company's name to Jaguar Cars Limited.

Who Makes Jaguar? The decision to offload the site to Jaguar came as Peugeot discontinued the Talbot brand for passenger cars. There is another location in Halewood near Liverpool which mostly makes Land Rover models.

The British Leyland Motor Corporation became nationalized in due to financial difficulties, but in Jaguar became its own company again. However, Ford as well as representatives of Unite would now be able to enter into detailed discussions with Tata concerning issues ranging from labour concerns job security and pensionstechnology IT systems and engine production and intellectual property, [36] as well as the final sale price.

Under Ford's ownership, Jaguar never made a profit. Combined with the trend-setting XKXKand XK series of sports car, and nonpareil E-Type,[ citation needed ] Jaguar's elan as a prestige motorcar manufacturer had few rivals. Said chairman William Lyons "Unlike S. The company was to be used as a holding company for the acquisition of the two businesses from Ford — Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover.

jaguar xj
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