Interactive procedural writing activities

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Procedural writing examples grade 7

Longer user guides and instructional manuals will have a complex and extensive list of steps to follow that will employ subtitles and subsections to explain micro-processes within the wider procedure being described. In this regard, it offers a great opportunity to focus on verb work, especially on imperatives. Encourage students to focus on answering the questions of where and when of each of the actions they instruct the reader to follow. Resources Usually done in the form of a list, this component may also be titled Materials, Equipment, Ingredients, Items Needed etc and is pretty self-explanatory. These command words, or bossy words, such as cut, take, hold are often used to give orders for readers to follow as they move step by step through the process outlined in the text. This may take the form of, for example, a description of the completed meal for a recipe text or a description of the assembled furniture in a flat-pack instruction guide. For flat-pack furniture, for example, items like a screwdriver, spanner, glue will form this section.

Again, the title of this section of the procedural text may vary depending on the specific type of writing it is. However, the following is some valuable general advice for students to bear in mind when they are considering the language registers of their text.

This is a nonfiction genre and this should be reflected in the choice of language. K-1 This is a helpful option for classrooms in which some students might only write a word or two for each step in their How To books.

Teachers of fluent writers could use these as working texts for mini lessons about clarifying or adding to directions. It will refer to what is to be done or made.

procedural writing checklist

Don't dumb things down. Sentences should also provide detailed information on the how of performing each of the steps in the process outlined. In addition to being a cookbook, this volume also includes directions for planting and harvesting vegetables.

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With more technical procedural texts, titles may be more generic and standardized, such as simply Operating Manual or User's Guide or in its most basic form, Instructions.

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Procedural Writing