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Annual conventions, regional meetings, and advisory and advertising councils all provide for this two-way communication. You can even create a lucky dip style prize for participants.

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Cloud Based Software As A Service Franchise Infinity is cloud subscription-based software that scales with you and offers a turnkey solution to best practice in operating a franchise system from day one.

Maintaining a record of all communications will provide valuable information to staff members when they prepare to interact with franchisees, and it will be important should a dispute ever arise with a franchisee.

Almost every healthy franchise system has an active advisory council program.

But it's not without its drawbacks. If you or other people on the management team say negative things about franchisees in front of other employees, that tells your staff they can do the same thing. However, as well as open forums, it is important that franchisees feel they can easily have a private conversation. You could even create a page or download sheet on your website with financial information, franchisee data, statistics and testimonials from current franchisees. This allows the system to manage compliance, risk management and control and you, the franchisor, to better manage positive relationships within your network. FACs typically meet two to four times per year, and their bylaws covering eligibility, voting rights, limitations, etc. Make these conversations happen, create a list of top performing, trusted, reliable and confident franchisees. Speak up and generate better quality leads. Set yourself as an expert in your industry, as this will reflect tremendously on your brand. Being part of the scheme will also take up more of their time, so reward them for this. Alternatively they can be added to and developed, keeping everyone informed as campaigns evolve. Operational Support Unique login that allows members from the National Support Office access to the system when conducting site visits. Never speak negatively about franchisees to an employee in your company.

Task Manager Tasks can be generated by the franchisee, system or support office to track and address areas that require action. Operational Focus Our USP is a focused approach on driving operational efficiencies within your entire franchise network.

Many franchise owners think the systems they have in place are working well.

Create a simple Survey Monkey questionnaire and present the findings. They bought into your ability to help them grow a business. If you or other people on the management team say negative things about franchisees in front of other employees, that tells your staff they can do the same thing. Get your ordering system in order. Analytics Set up and customise your analytics criteria to monitor and report on key performance areas and indicators. Like any marketing or sales model, it is much more efficient and profitable for a franchisor to retain happy, profitable franchisees than to continue going out and looking for new ones! Franchisee Recruitment Management A place to keep your franchisee prospect information, including any contact details and detailed notes on the stages of recruitment. Siebert shares decades of experience, insights, and practical advice to help grow your business exponentially through franchising while avoiding the pitfalls. Make sure you have the resources and systems in place to support multiple-unit operators. Asking for feedback on new initiatives encourages engagement and shows franchisees you are serious about listening.

But depersonalizing the franchisor is a big mistake. But the subjects that are typically discussed remain the same: consumer marketing and advertising, new products and services, and any issues of concern to the franchisees in general.

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The Key to Working Well With Your Franchisees