Dissertation presentation of findings

That noted, there are different expectations for an undergraduate dissertation and a PhD thesis, so knowing what these expectations are can be really helpful before you begin.

dissertation findings and discussion example

For example, with the qualitative data you might be concerned about length. This clearly indicates to the reader how you have addressed your study.

Findings and analysis example

These are more suitable for the discussion section , where you will interpret the results in detail and draw out their implications. The structure of the findings section is very important because it will provide the basis for your research work and help to ensure that the discussions section can be written in a clear and proficient manner. The findings must be compelling and responsive so that they can be linked to the research questions being answered. Conversely, one- or two-word subheadings usually doesn't give enough information about the purpose of the section. There should no interpretation, speculation, and analysis of the data. What is your plagiarism score? The results should always be written in a neutral manner without any form of speculation or implication. Preparing to write By the time you're ready to write up your findings, we assume that you've already completed the analysis of your findings. Furthermore, it is important to abstain from using vague and non-specific words in this section. Be Impartial in Your Writing When crafting your findings, it is important to know how you will organize the work.

Conversely, other students sometimes include a graph or figure but nothing else. It needs to demonstrate how you have attempted to answer your research questions.

qualitative findings and analysis dissertation example

In many cases, this final copy must be printed in black and white. Not all of this can possibly appear in your dissertation without completely overwhelming the reader.

It can also help ensure that the reader actually understands the points you are trying to highlight within your project.

dissertation discussion example
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How to Write the Findings of a Dissertation