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Traditions and cultural legacies has always been a thing of the pass going to our future.

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Simple notes of main points may prove helpful. Sociologists also use it as an indirect way to determine how social groups are perceived. For the purposes of this assignment, the artifact can literally be anything, such as a family heirloom, a photograph, a piece of music, a selection of electronic media, a piece of literature, a piece of clothing, jewelry, food, etc. These borderlines - which might move from time to time and from situation to situation - can, however, be crossed for various reasons, such as in connection with all kinds of intercultural co-operation, international tourism, cross-cultural management, etc. Researchers who use content analysis are not studying the people, but rather are studying the communications the people produce as a way of creating a picture of their society. In other words, by collecting data from cultural artifacts, researchers were able to determine the extent of the diversity problem in Hollywood. Cultural Background Essay Words 3 Pages Cultural Background Summary The term culture refers to a way of life — traditions and customs — transmitted through learning, which play a vital role in molding the beliefs and behaviors of the people exposed to them. How would you describe your cultural background as it relates to this artifact? Cultural artifacts, whether ancient or current, have a significance because they offer an insight into: technological processes, economic development and social structure, among other attributes. By what means does the culture reinforce its rules for living? Human Communication. Description is a data gathering process of photograph p.

In what ways are joint ventures and types of international collaboration affected by cultural differences? The study also found that people of color and LGBT individuals were underrepresented in film.

Select a strong cultural influence in your life it can be just one area of your life and find an artifact that represents that influence. For Latino misss they are seen as a immature grownup at the age of Multiculturalism can only be aided by transformation.

Cultural artifact essay

Intercultural communication and cross-cultural man Essay Words 2 Pages agement When talking about Intercultural communication and cross-cultural man Essayagement, we more or less have to accept that culture does exist, at least as an abstract concept or as an abstract "unit. Strengths of Using Content Analysis Content analysis has several strengths as a research method. The study also found that people of color and LGBT individuals were underrepresented in film. Works Cited: Pearson, Judy C. By conducting a quantitative analysis of a large number of cultural artifacts, researchers can uncover patterns that might not be noticeable from looking at only one or two examples of cultural artifacts. Key Takeaways: Content Analysis In content analysis, researchers examine a society's cultural artifacts in order to understand that society. Every culture is unique, but similar in many ways.

Nelson, Scott Titsworth, and Lynn Harter. Your essay should be grounded in both personal experience and support for your experiences and assertions via examples as appropriate.

This presentation will take place in a casual, circular, seated setting and should be extemporaneous. At its most basic, content analysis is a statistical exercise that involves categorizing some aspect of behavior and counting the number of times such behavior occurs.

In some cases, the researcher must make choices about how to interpret or categorize particular forms of behavior and other researchers may interpret it differently.

Your cultural background and the groups you affiliate with affect how you see the world and how you interact with those around you. Weaknesses of Using Content Analysis Content analysis also has several weaknesses as a research method.

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And today I am traveling to speak about a cultural artefact but before that by a show of custodies how many of you consider yourselves immature grownups? How does this cultural influence affect your critical thinking and decision making abilities?

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Popular Music as a Cultural Artifact: A Critical Analysis