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Consumer buying behaviour in real estate industry

Lastly is the benefit perception, in which consumers are concerned with how much benefit the product may offer. Methods Sample Students of the International Islamic University of Malaysia were selected to be the participants of the study. Of course you do — product pricing is one of the largest factors affecting perceptions of your brand. The effects of situational factors on in-store grocery shopping behavior: The role of store environment and time available for shopping. The first recommendation when replicating this study is to gather data from a larger sample size, one which is proportionate enough to properly represent the population one is measuring from. Vihma, S. This research is to gain objective responses as well as an understanding behind your choices as a consumer. The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between buying behaviour and perceptual performance. Environmental color, consumer feelings, and purchase likelihood. Observe these two designs: A Assuming that both bottles cost the same and are packaged using the same material plastic , which would you rather buy? Consumer perception is defined as sensory perception in which they perceive and form the opinion about the merchandise and the companies based on sensory stimuli before deciding to buy. But how exactly do you improve perceptions of your brand?

Once consumers have tried a product, the task becomes maintaining a good reputation and establishing brand loyalty. Park, C.

customer perception towards real estate

For a luxury brand, that might mean the best quality in the industry. The influence of pre-existing negative affect on store purchase intentions.

Consumer behavior about real estate questionnaire

For example, advertisements often trumpet the quality and convenience of a product or service, hoping to foster a consumer perception of high value, which can pay off with increased sales. Do you have a different perception of the two brands? Regardless of their selection, the attractiveness of the design was the top reason in choosing a product with a total of 36 students selecting it, followed by 11 students who chose convenience, and lastly, familiarity of the design was the least selected reason with 3 students. To run a successful business, you need to do more than just provide a great service — you need to prove it to customers. This research is to gain objective responses as well as an understanding behind your choices as a consumer. Furthermore, apart from the factors mentioned in previous research, other factors such as religious and cultural affiliation also seem to impact the buying behaviour of consumers. On the other side of the coin, low prices might attract customers looking for a bargain, or drive away customers worried about quality issues. Seeking the ideal form- product design and consumer response. Both shops sell the product at the same price and are of the same design; which shop would you rather buy the item from? One is made by a company with awesome packaging, fair prices, and strong brand values. However you decide to price your products, remember that it has a huge influence on how others see your brand.

To influence consumer perception, a business not only must expose its product to consumers, it also must make its product stand out from the crowd.

Stores or retailers aid the purchase of these products through having an environment that would attract customers to their stores.

Role of perception in consumer behaviour

Due to increasing competition, companies put effort into ensuring they have the upper hand over their competitors when it comes to marketing their products. Convenience seems to be the least selected reason with only four students. The effects of pricing on your reputation can vary, however, making it more of an art than a science. Your brand values and ethics have a big role to play when it comes to consumer perception and how customers feel after buying from you. Reasons for Selection of a Product among Two Different Designs 30 20 10 0 design convenience familiar prototype classic The first section asked participants to observe the same product with two different packaging designs. Do you sponsor sporting events? V advertisements on buying pattern of adolescent girls. Businesses can overcome this hesitancy by offering as much product information as possible in the form of advertisements or by encouraging product reviews.

All of the participants were Muslims, and a good percentage of them were Malays, and so a number of them chose Hijrahmart because they wanted to support local Muslim businesses. The second part that contained the questions was further divided into three sections regarding perceptual performance that the topic concerned on: 1 Same product but different design, 2 Same category of products but different brands, and 3 Store environment.

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A study of consumer perception of car market & buying behavior