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Two modern approaches to eating that progressive consumers are utilizing to stack the deck for optimal results are plant-based and paleo diets. There is no agreed definition of sustainable healthy diet. Half of all consumers say they use foods and beverages to directly address diabetes issues. To help consumers balance their desires for healthier lives with their not-so-healthy lifestyles, retailers should consider introducing solutions designed to address specific conditions. Finally, the traditional demographic, personality, attitudinal and other individual variables may indirectly influence behaviour. Applying curation, grocers can offer meal kits, which reduce the work of choice making, to facilitate meal-prep at home. It is evident from the existing literature that current consumption patterns in developed countries contribute negatively to both climate change and obesity prevalence. Validated measurement scales for healthy eating exist, e. Discussion To our knowledge, this is the first randomised controlled trial to test the young adults reactions to interactive tailor made messages on sustainable healthy eating using mobile smartphone app.

In a Nielsen Global Survey, half of U. Mobile applications designed to deliver intervention offer new possibilities to influence young adults behaviour in relation to diet and sustainability.

Concurrently, the popularity of fitness bandssmartphone apps that track health and fresh food sales have all risen dramatically.

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Applying curation, grocers can offer meal kits, which reduce the work of choice making, to facilitate meal-prep at home. Significance of the project Scarborough and co-authors [ 26 ] modelled the impact of reduced meat scenarios on both GHGEs and health outcomes.

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First, emphasis should be placed on studying the factors that affect patterns of healthy-food choice and consumption in families, so as to create a more effective and healthy community.

New benefits are harder to mainstream quickly than new ingredients.

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However, many previous interventions have failed to employ a theoretical model of behavioural change [ 43 ]. Thus, to have a clear understanding of food choice and its determining factors inside and outside the home, this study employed the Behavioural Perspective Model BPM as the main theoretical and practical framework to give a clear operant explanation of family-food choices within a real behaviour context.

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