Can i write a letter to god

Spiritual journaling is yet another tool that creates relationship history. Love is not something we can hold in our hands.

letters to god my wish

The more intimate the relationship, the deeper the trust. Pretty soon I was pondering what I would write.

write a letter to god about your needs

Have you ever written a love letter to God? Writing down my thoughts and prayers force me to focus on one thing at a time. There was a time I spent two hours reading the whole journal because I was in awe of the ways that God worked with me through my doubts, pain, and fears.

Perhaps the ideal one you wished you would have had. The journaling portion of the book includes writing a love letter to God each day.

And the experience surprised me. Write it down so that you can be living proof of someone who has died and risen with Christ. Share Shares Last month I was challenged with the idea of writing a love letter to God.

Do you ever lose your words when you are praying? Here are five reasons why you should start a journal today.

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Is writing letters to God Praying?