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I gave off an excellent first impression, which is extremely important when trying to impress an interviewer. This type of recruiting process is useful as it gives you an extra chance to show off your accomplishments.

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You should go into an interview feeling extremely confident, and having all the knowledge and answers to potential questions they could ask you.

Also there are different ownerships such as sole trader, partnerships etc. Organisations normally state what type of person they would prefer to fill their job role, this normally allows candidates to understand if they are suitable or not before progressing through the recruitment process.

Posted by. A job description and a person specification are both needed when looking for a job, they both include details about what the job is going to offer and although the person specification is from the person looking for a job, it still includes the qualities and skills the job their applying for is looking for. I practised several possible questions which the interviewer may ask me, as this allowed me to be more confident on the day of the interview. Although, there were a few downfalls which I have taken into consideration in advance for my next interview. As a CV is so detailed, its difficult to hide any gaps within your education or work using a structured CV format. I feel this had a huge impact on my interview, as I knew what to expect and was used to the style of interviews. If you make up any lies, their are sever consequences In conclusion, I believe the interview was a success, which was due to my preparation. Titles are normally the same title, privileges and area of business throughout all organisations; this can give the candidate an idea of where the role is based within the organisation. Employers mainly just want to find the information they are looking for, therefore if they receive an extremely long, detailed CV then the will probably get bored and put it at the bottom of the pile. Person Specification- The purpose of a job specification is to show the candidates a list of qualifications, previous experience, skills, knowledge and other aspects that they should have to be appropriate for this chosen job. My pronunciation of words throughout my interview were not great and next time I should be much clearer when I am pronouncing my words, because this will make it easier for the recruiter to understand me and it will make me sound more professional. From previous experience, I have had experience with interacting with customers which made it a bit easier for me to engage with the interviewer. Not every candidate does this, which means that I would have stood out. Preparing for an interview is handy and very convenient, this is because you will be in good shape when the interview comes around.

Similar Papers. A CV and a cover letter are very similar in some ways however, they have their differences because a CV is detailed and a cover letter is more brief and short. As I was early to the interview, this made me less nervous as well because I was able to control the situation and set a good first impression by being on time.

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