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Removing everything that is not really necessary is often a very effective strategy for improving an introduction. If you decide to include this into the introduction, you might want to a keep it as short as possible, b refer as much as possible to the concluding section, and c keep it well separated from the rest of the introduction.

Here you have to make sure you point out what are the novel aspects of your work. How to write an introduction: some suggestions Sandro Etalle Version 1. In ten years, I have been happily applying it to all introductions I have written.

introduction of project report sample

In a short essay based on the above question, the introduction could look like this: Accounting information is central to the various types of decisions made by a wide range of people and groups in our society.

It also helps readers understand how the report is laid out and organized. Officeworks is a company that experiences both consumer buying and business buying. Now - and only now! The Proposed Solution.

business report example for students

Half a page should suffice in case of a normal pages article. Include information from as many angles as possible. Related work My suggestion is to postpone this part to the end of the paper, unless there are good reasons for doing otherwise. The report may be written after a broad investigation into the problem or it may be more narrow in nature and describe potential steps to solve the problem.

Its success, however, has been challenged by the introduction of a major competitor, an international chain that has recently opened a store in the community.

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How to write an introduction: some suggestions