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Will I be sharing my presentation on mobile devices? What does the difference really mean for a PowerPoint user designing slides and redesigning older slide decks?

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In PowerPointif you take your content from a slide and move it to a slide, the content will fit better on the slide, which means it is easier to change the size of your presentation not that you want to sit and do this manually — you really want to design for the right slide size from the start — but you know — in case of a presentation emergency or when merging decks with different sizes.

We're rolling out more and more presentations in which is a happy medium. Take your pick, and have fun presenting!

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So — what size should you use for your slides? If you only present in high class boardrooms, has a richer feel—as long as you design the deck to feel richer.

Powerpoint 4:3 pixel size

Still, audiences had gotten a taste for widescreen. Experiment with different sizes to create different effects. Also known as or To satisfy them, movie producers started to experiment with new cameras and widescreen formats. But the majority of boardroom displays and just about every TV coming onto the market today are also , meaning a presentation will have those pesky black bars down either side of the deck. It has also been the default aspect ratio from PowerPoint onwards. So, or ? Regardless of what size you are using — always make sure you plan ahead and are familiar with the settings on the computer being used to project and what aspect ratio a specific projector or webinar system if you are presenting online can support. This resulted in a range of ratios, like the 2. So watch out for squished graphics. I usually receive a baffled look… There are two display ratios The thing is, there are two main display aspect ratios — or — and choosing the right one could be crucial to how well your presentation is received. So — what size should you use for your slides?

The slide dimension is the historical size — it stems from the age of analog TV screens and was the standard screen size up until about 10 years ago when widescreens started to become a more common size for TVs and computer screens. The "most common denominator" principle is a good.

So, or ? Are there even any other options?

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So, or ? Of course you could! Try pulling focus by putting key points in the centre of the screen. So watch out for squished graphics. To see what slide size can do for your presentation, size up our portfolio. The "most common denominator" principle is a good. Want an epic introduction? Experiment with different sizes to create different effects. Use when creating content for specific platforms that shows best in such YouTube and widescreens. Kerns H. Click on the Design tab in the upper menu, and then on Slide Size. Why is there even different sizes of slides? Perhaps none of these is more prevalent than the famed x slide size.

Could you create a similar feeling with a smaller focus?

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Presentation Sizes and Resolutions