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Circus Maximus can seat two-hundred and fifty thousand people in the stadium. Moving forward in history, women's roles have continually changed.

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The only threats that ever came were from the unorganized barbarian tribes who's conquest brought nothing to the Empire.

These games were among the bloodiest displays of public amusement in the history of man. When the Romans came to the Britannic island they built edifices made from stone and totally different from those the indigenous population had known before; which is also a reason for their defeat, because the Romans where in general the more advanced group of both.

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Ancient Rome influenced modern civilizations with their inventions - such as aqueducts and sewage systems, but the main way that Rome influenced the modern world was their way of governing the people and the land they had.

Ones reputation within their community would either make or break their ability to achieve certain goals in life. During the reign of Julius Caesar tensions in the Roman Republic high tensions could shift power away from the line of Caesars.

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The Roman Empire