Analysis of forrest mars

Although he officially retired in and began unaffiliated businesses selling boxes of chocolates and plant food, among other things, he continued to look in on the business and to call his sons on the carpet for any problems he detected; until recently the sons were co-presidents of the company.

forrest mars jr

The sales of companies controlled by Forrest Mars totaled only about half as much. But his chief measure of performance is return on total assets used in the business.

The threat of substitute products depends a lot on the business sector, as for some it is higher than for others.

Analysis of forrest mars

Shortly after graduating from Yale inForrest—already balding and more than a little brash—joined his father at the new Chicago plant. Meanwhile, competition within the industry is getting stiffer.

At Mars he will make more than double his previous salary, and presumably will also receive stock options. Since then Forrest had been seldom seen around Mars, Inc.

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Forrest Mars Jr.