Analysis of eriksons theories on development essay

He actively pioneered psychoanalytical development from the late 's until the 's.

Advantage of eriksons psychosocial theory

Are they making me feel good or bad about my bottom? Oral Stage - Feeding, crying, teething, biting, thumb-sucking, weaning - the mouth and the breast are the centre of all experience. New York: Centage learning, In some ways the development actually peaks at stage seven, since stage eight is more about taking stock and coming to terms with how one has made use of life, and ideally preparing to leave it feeling at peace. Below is a reminder of the crisis stages, using the crisis terminology of the original model aside from the shorter terminology that Erikson later preferred for stages one and eight. This is actually not a psychosexual stage because basically normally nothing formative happens sexually. Erikson later called this the psychosexual stage of 'Generalization of Sensual Modes'. This helps Erikson's eight stages theory to be a tremendously powerful model: it is very accessible and obviously relevant to modern life, from several different perspectives, for understanding and explaining how personality and behaviour develops in people. Political theorist Antonio Gramsci pointed out that coherence between these two schools of thought can be found when considering the fact that whilst, according to Marxist teachings, capitalist societies are based on underlying structural conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the manifestation of such conflict is dependent on the cultural circumstances of the country concerned. In each of the phases, one encounters crisis and success depends on how he handles the challenges.

When reading these theories I realize that many of them had views that I agree or believe by, which made it more difficult to choose one in specific The perspective of giving and making a positive difference for future generations echoes Erikson's humanitarian philosophy, and it's this perhaps more than anything else that enabled him to develop such a powerful concept.

Erickson believed each part each part of the personality has a particular time in the life span when it must develop if at all Vander Zanden et al. If Deloris had remained inflexible and enabled the responsibilities to overwhelm she would have become stagnate.

Critical evaluation of erikson theory

Therefore, individuals get inspiration from the surroundings through the learning process. Initiative is the readiness to embark on new ventures whereas guilt is a sense that they have done something wrong. Works Cited: 1. Can I have a baby? Erikson and Kohlberg theories each focus on a particular facet of maturation, such as social, moral, and psychosocial. I have never much of a follower, nonetheless school opened the door to new social roles therefore, gaining the approval and acceptance of my peers and teachers was important. For example a healthy balance at crisis stage stage one Trust v Mistrust might be described as experiencing and growing through the crisis 'Trust' of people, life and one's future development and also experiencing and growing a suitable capacity for 'Mistrust' where appropriate, so as not to be hopelessly unrealistic or gullible, nor to be mistrustful of everything. As parents the duty is ours to validate to our children, by proving that their initiative is valued no matter the size of the deed. Naming of the stages represents the cognitive skill attained in the child and adult. It has been stated that psychosocial development and moral reasoning are influenced by factors such as socialization and gender identity. The developmental period for this stage is age 65 to death. Consequently, if the conflict is not positively resolved within this developmental period, the person maybe affected negatively and only partially immerses themselves into society.

If you want to know more about all this I recommend you read about Freud, not Erikson, and I repeat that understanding Freud's psychosexual theory is not required for understanding and using Erikson's concepts.

The microsystem is considered Literature Review.

how eriksons theory is used today

Piaget and Erikson contributed a lot in the field of development psychology. If past experiences are integrated and past conflicts resolved, there will be a strong ego identity. Erikson said in Identity and the Life Cycle : " In some ways the development actually peaks at stage seven, since stage eight is more about taking stock and coming to terms with how one has made use of life, and ideally preparing to leave it feeling at peace.

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Analysis of Erikson's Theories on Development