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These include historical fiction, horror and suspense, psychological thriller, science fiction, poetry, and plays for the stage.

VI July—November Volume 48 85 pp. He was a man of many talents and pursuits: a medical doctor, multi-talented sportsman, prolific and excellent storyteller, keen patriot and a staunch imperialist, as well as a campaigner against miscarriages of justice.

And by the time he entered medical college he had begun writing, publishing a few stories in small literary magazines. We can have a cab. Influences and later years Even though he is mostly known for his detective stories, Doyle was also a successful poet and a famous doctor.

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Conan Doyle often wrote to his mother about his longing to have a wife. John Watson owes his surname, but not any other obvious characteristic, to a Portsmouth medical colleague of Doyle's, Dr James Watson.

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Joseph Bell , the famous lecturer and an expert in the use of deductive reasoning, who inspired the character of Sherlock Holmes, and the physiologist, Professor William Rutherford , a model for Professor Challenger. Doctor House, a genius drug addict, uses bizarre reasoning methods to solve the most difficult medical puzzles in the world; echoes of the Baskervilles and Sherlock abound! It appears that the relationship with Jean was platonic until Louise died. Campbell Swinton pointed to the evidence of fraud in mediumship and Doyle's non-scientific approach to the subject. Nonfiction Arthur Conan Doyle also wrote nonfiction. I have here my pension papers. After incredible pressure from his readers however, he was forced to reintroduce Sherlock as a ghost in and publish a number of new stories, a period which lasted until , when The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes , the last twelve short stories about his famous genius protagonist, was released. Rising one last time on July 7, , Doyle collapsed and died in his garden while clutching his heart with one hand and holding a flower in the other. Just sit down and we shall chat the matter over. Louisa ultimately died of tuberculosis in Doyle's arms, in He also wrote his first novel, The Narrative of John Smith. In his Memories and Adventures Conan Doyle writes that his boyhood in Edinburgh was Spartan at home and more Spartan at the Edinburgh school where a tawse-brandishing schoolmaster of the old type made our young living miserable. He would devote himself to historical fiction, completing a number of novels and plays in coming years. Why not, sir?

In the s Conan Doyle continued his private medical practice at Southsea, which turned out to be far from prosperous, and published fiction in various magazines. According to Ernst, Conan Doyle refused to believe it was a trick. Holmes' fictional connection with the Reichenbach Falls is celebrated in the nearby town of Meiringen.

Later that year, he published a best-selling account of the conflict. Usage terms Public Domain Yet readers refused to take things lying down, and mounted a campaign to have Holmes resurrected.

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After return from Switzerland to London, Conan Doyle met the novelist Grant Allen at luncheon, who told him that he had also suffered from consumption and that he had found the climate of Surrey beneficial for his health. In the s, he started ski-touring to Switzerland. Holmes, one of the best known and most popular characters in English literature, is not only a successful master detective, but he is the epitome of the Victorian and imperial values. He was also a keen cricketeer. Like Wells, he also became an important public figure whose opinion was sought on the crucial issues of the day, an influential speaker at a time when the lecture was a popular event. Related Material. Christensen Historical romances Arthur Conan Doyle wrote several popular works of historical fiction. Due to their number and variety, it is impossible to list them all here. Come, my boy, and clap on all sail, and see who can stay the longest. I Volume 43 pp. But remember that my offer is only for to-day. Last but not least, he was a formidable public speaker and a dedicated Spiritualist, who investigated and popularised supernatural phenomena.
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