An analysis of the theme of success in ayn rands novel the fountainhead

Though this book was never completed, a portion of the material was used for an article in the January issue of Reader's Digest. She gives the reader insight into the psyche of society and the motivations behind our actions As she worked out her interpretation of the inalienable rights: the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and what these entailed, she saw three areas of conflict where these rights were held in The greatness of The Fountainhead lies in its ability to inspire hope and confidence in its readers, to show how much is possible.

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Anthem is a novel about a man, Equalitywho went against the laws to make his own individual choices, to gain knowledge, and to love the woman of his choice Dominique lives her life solely to ensure freedom of action and movement, but that obsession with freedom prevents her from possessing real happiness for seven years.

The interpretations and the implications of several of the quotes within The Fountainhead accurately depict the essence of objectivism and encourages the opposition of conventional standards through the embodiment of the uncompromisi The four part novel, often heralded as one of the greatest American novels, was released on film in theaters in

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